A Ritual is simply a routine infused with intention, mindfulness and self-love.

Discover a wild kind of beautiful for your skin and your soul.


Holistic Skin Rituals

The Ritual Signature Facial is a custom treatment with age-defying, brightening, soothing and clarifying qualities that fuse holistic methods and nature's medicine with next-gen science to lift, firm and transform the skin on a cellular and surface level. 

Ingredients are always clean, pure, non-toxic, organic, plant-based and made with LOVE. 

Each customized treatment awakens the skin and all of your senses with aromatherapy and sea-based botanicals and minerals to stimulate blood flow, collagen and elastin. The Ritual includes:

  • Amethyst Infrared Biomat
  • steam
  • double-cleanse & exfoliation
  • 2 masque treatments 
  • hand & arm massage 
  • European facial/neck & décolleté massage
  • High-Frequency LED light therapy 

This high vibration custom signature ritual is a great place to start if this is your very first facial.

60 min $125

The Goddess Glow Facial

This Premier Luxurious Treatment is inspired by nature's healing vibes and will transform your skin and your mood. This magical session is customized to your unique needs (Age-Defying + Clarifying + Brightening + Soothing). Each treatment deeply infuses the skin with nutrients, soothes inflammation and includes cranial touch massage. Finished off with the highly-acclaimed Gua Sha facial massage, High-Frequency and LED light therapy, you'll leave fresh, plumped, glowing and nourished from the inside out.

Included in The Goddess Ritual:

  • Double cleanse with aromatherapy steam
  • Ultra Sonic pain-free extractions
  • Deep Sea Mineral Facial Soak
  • Customized Exfoliation and Masque using naturally-occurring AHAs

  • Jade rolling with organic anti-aging, brightening, soothing, clarifying or hydrating serums to address your skin's unique needs
  • Neck Massage using Osea's Vagus Nerve Oil to soothe & relax the nervous system
  • Hand + Arm massage 
  • Gua Sha facial massage with custom stone and oil
  • A custom treatment mask
  • High Frequency LED Light Therapy for tightening pores, oxygenating the skin's cells, clearing acne and excess oil production, and deeper product penetration
Relax on Ritual's exclusive Amethyst Infrared Biomat for ultra relaxation and rejuvenation of the body and the mind

50 min $135

75 min $160

*Men's Facials are available as well!

Same as the Goddess Glow but customized for a Warrior's unique skin needs.

The Warrior Treatment

50min $135

Gua Sha Facial Massage

This facial and neck massage draws on the wisdom of many different healing systems such as Ayurvedic Massage, Chinese medicine, and reflexology. It is balancing + rejuvenating to the mind, body, and soul while also being very beneficial for the facial structure and skin. Gua Sha has been named the Natural Face Lift and many are opting out of botox in favor of Gua Sha. This lymphatic massage is calming to the nervous system and you can expect to see immediate results after this decadent treatment.

The massage technique and the stone used allow for fresh circulation of chi energy, life force, or prana. This stimulates wellness in all parts of our being. Contact us for private gua sha lessons and workshops so that you can practice this ritual in between for optimal cumulative results.

Gua Sha facial massage has a plethora of benefits including: 

  • improved skin tone
  • lightening dark spots
  • decrease in expression lines
  • greater flow of blood and oxygen
  • lymph drainage and removal of toxins 
  • tightening of pores
  • soothing to nervous system 
  • lifting + plumping
  • the perfect self-love ritual 
Create a sense of peace + well-being. Face, neck and décolleté will be cleansed to prep skin for this rejuvenating massage.

45 min $125


Facial for Teens

For the young woman or man in your life

This ritual focuses on educating the teen on proper skin care for their unique skin type. The intention of this treatment is to have the teen leave their session with more confidence in themselves and the holistic knowledge to understand what their skin needs to look and feel its best from the inside out. They will receive a custom OSEA starter kit for their particular skin type to make their new skin care ritual easy to stick with.

During the Teen Ritual, each individual will receive:

  • steam
  • double cleanse
  • exfoliation
  • light extractions 
  • soothing seaweed infusion
  • custom masque treatment
  • high frequency LED light therapy
  • oil-absorbing or hydrating and nourishing moisturizer to seal in their treatment.

50 min $125

(includes starter kit)

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Ritual Express

everything your skin needs in 30 min or less


The perfect quick pick-me-up. 

This treatment will address your skin's unique needs with a customized facial that will leave you refreshed and glowing on your lunch break 

25 min - $50


Gua Sha 

Drop in for this rejuvenating, detoxifying and lifting massage even when you don't have time. Receive all the benefits of this ancient ritual in only 15 min!

20 min - $50

(please arrive with a cleansed face and no oils or lotions on)


High Frequency 

This treatment will raise your vibes in more ways than one. This high frequency treatment will heal acne, absorb oil, tighten pores, oxygenate the cells and leave you glowing and refreshed in a jiffy! Face and neck will be cleansed as part of this treatment. 

20 min - $50


OSEA Malibu + Code of Harmony products work beautifully together as they both have a seaweed base and are made with the purest ingredients with an emphasis on their most important ingredient of all: LOVE

Soul Rituals

 Spiritual Transformative Sessions & Hypnotherapy 

A combination of holistic modalities and therapies are used to create healing and harmony within the individual's mind, body and soul. Healing sessions are recommended for everyone to create a deeper connection to your soul's purpose and ability to self-heal. 

Ritual's holistic therapist specializes in trauma healing, emotional work, shadow and inner child work, transformational healing, soul retrieval, energy work, mental health support and more. Contact Ritual today to have your free 15 minute Analysis session so that you can see how these sessions can benefit you.

1 hour - $150

Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual coaching is like personal training for the soul. Maybe you don't feel like you need any specific healing but you want to strengthen your spiritual muscles and endurance. The curriculum for this program is based on creating a strong connection between the Mind, Body and Soul. We know that when these three aspects of the self are in alignment we can experience massive health, abundance and magical flow in our lives. Spiritual coaching sessions will meet in person in various locations such as the healing space at Ritual, the beach, and the hills for grounding and release work, mindfulness practice and awareness and perception expansion exercises. Becoming in tune with nature is a really big part of this work. A minimum of a three month commitment is required for spiritual coaching and there is an application required for admission into this program.

Call today for a free analysis and to see if this is a good fit for you!

Three months - 12 one-hour in person sessions


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