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Facials blended with healing rituals for a truly unique experience

Below you will find Candice's mindfully curated facial services. All holistic with a mystical twist, using plant-based products that will soothe your mind, body, skin and soul. Candice takes great pride in the efficacy and ceremonial approach to her facial rituals. As the creator of this business, she guarantees you will leave any session you choose feeling refreshed, renewed, lighter and more centered in your heart. Skin will glow and you will feel nourished inside and out.  The natural approach does not sacrifice the amazing results you will experience.

Candice has created facial protocols that focus on the massage you receive as much as the skin and soul nourishment. Prepare yourself for the best facial you've ever had!


Signature Facial Rituals


The Goddess Glow Facial Ritual
The Original Signature Treatment

The Goddess Glow Signature Facial is uniquely customized for the specific needs of your skin and soul. The signature facial is guaranteed to leave you feeling less stressed, more deeply connected to your intuition and heart, and absolutely glowing from the inside out.


The Goddess Glow Signature Facial includes:

Guided meditation for deep relaxation and immediate stress-relief

Deep cleansing and an exfoliation specific to your skin type with steam

Custom plant-based mask treatment

High Quality natural oils and serums

Sacred plant spirit oil blessings

Lymphatic drainage

A customized facial massage

Massage for neck, shoulders, décolleté and scalp

Energy healing


Healing Stones

The Everything Facial
as featured on NBC

The Ultimate Lift + Glow Buccal Facial
90 minutes

All of the bliss that comes with the Goddess Glow Signature facial with the added benefits of a luscious Buccal Sculpting and Contouring intraoral massage as the grand finale. 

The root causes of aging, diminished muscle tone, and loss of contour are addressed. Muscles, bones and stagnant tissue are nourished and balanced. The buccal massage is widely known as the natural facelift and natural alternative to botox. Face is massaged on the inside and out to lift, tone and plump the skin as well as sculpting and contouring. The focus is on the intraoral technique which creates a more sculpted and contoured appearan


Benefits of Buccal Massage

Decreases puffiness

Minimizes "smile" lines and jowls

Addresses the root causes of signs of aging

Helps with jaw pain associated with TMJ

Can help to manage migraines

Increases circulation creating a radiant glow 

Improves skin texture

Soothing and relaxing

Melts stress away

A series of the Just the Buccal treatment below is recommended for lasting and cumulative results, however you will see a big difference after just one session

90 minutes







Want the Buccal massage without the facial? No problem!


Just the Buccal is for you!

This massage addresses neck, scalp, facial muscles and intraoral technique.


Recommended as a series to achieve optimal results. 

6-8 sessions 5-7 days apart and then monthly maintenance. Think of this as your personal trainer for your facial muscles!

60 minutes 

Specialty Facials


Mystic Mama Prenatal Facial

This pregnancy-safe holistic facial will cocoon you in an inclined and bolstered bed of amethyst crystals for maximum comfort and relaxation. This ritual is sure to brighten and rejuvenate tired and dull skin with all-natural ingredients sourced from Mother Nature. This special facial includes a foot massage to truly nourish the mama-to-be

Healing Stones

Shamanic Goddess Facial 

A sacred ritual combining facial massage with a shamanic healing journey guiding you into a trance state. Buccal, gua sha, myofascial and lymphatic massage address all the needs of the skin, fascia, muscles, connective tissues for contoured and lifted immediate results. Cranial work soothes and eases the busy mind. Tuning forks, sound healing, crystals and energy clearing make this facial experience a deeply healing ritual for the mind, body and soul.


Teen Facial

A unique facial experience for your teen or adolescent. Facial includes steam, cleansing, exfoliation, light extractions if needed, facial massage and education about skin care, self-care, and the importance of self-love


Don't need a facial? But could use some serious tension relief? We got you!

Acupressure Neck Massage

50 minute Goddess Bodywork

A blissful massage using several unique techniques and modalities of massage including healing touch, reiki, myofascial release, acupressure, reflexology, gua sha, cupping, hot stones, etc to melt away tension from the following areas:

Scalp, face, jaw, neck, upper back, shoulders, hands/arms, and feet.

Head Massage

90 Minute Goddess Bodywork

Just like the 50 minute Goddess massage but better! Also includes Buccal intraoral massage to relieve jaw tension and migraines related to TMJ. Sacred plant spirit oils used to anoint the third eye, throat and heart chakra. A guided meditation leads you into a deeply relaxing trance state for maximum restoration and rebalancing of the nervous system and vagus nerve.

Tuning Forks Healing Ritual
50 min - $149

Tuning forks are a form of sound therapy that work much like acupuncture, except we use sound frequency to improve and support the flow of chi, or life force energy within. This improved flow of energy facilitates the body and mind's natural healing abilities. A 50 min tuning forks healing ritual supports and promotes:

a regulated emotional and nervous system

improved blood flow and circulation


reduced inflammation

pain/tension relief

chakra balancing

energy cleansing

clearing blocks and attachments


Customize your facial by adding any of these enhancements on at time of booking


Foot Massage

Black Spa Stones

Hot Stones



firming treatment

Spiral Stairs


Energy Healing

Tuning Forks


Facial Treatment


Herbal Treatment


Ayurveda is the ancient science of life. Cynthia, the Ayurvedic Practitioner here at Ritual Skin + Soul offers many ayurvedic services including:

Ayurvedic facials


Pinda Sweda



Ayurvedic + Nutrition Consults

Dosha guidance

More info about these treatments here


Contact Cynthia to reserve your session.



Featured in the South Bay as the Buccal Facial Specialist. Ritual Skin + Soul takes a unique approach to holistic skin care, incorporating energetic and spiritual healing into each session. It's more than a facial, it's an in-depth sensory experience that will uplift your mind, body, skin and soul. Learn more about Ritual's holistic approach to skin care, signature facials and bodywork

Traditional Chinese Medicine




Initial consultation (req. for new clients)

90 minutes - includes treatment - $225

Returning clients 

60 minutes -$160

Deluxe Treatment

Acupuncture + 30 min Massage


Shiatsu Massage

75 min $195

(Prenatal massage available)

Herbal custom formula consult

Custom aromatherapy medicinal + body blends 



A sacred space for all your self-love needs

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