A Ritual is a routine infused with intention, mindfulness and self-love.

Discover a wild kind of beautiful for your skin and your soul.


Infused with Love

Your body is your temple and your skin is the largest organ in your entire body. Over treating the skin with harsh chemicals is worse than not treating it at all. Your pores are living filters that need to breathe. That's why I use evolved and mindfully created products that are simple, using minimal raw and organic ingredients. All ingredients and products are carefully chosen with both yours and the Earth’s well-being in mind.

Seaweed, Plants, Flowers, Salts and Essential Oils are used for both ancient & modern rituals which serve to heal, nourish and uplift your mind, body and soul.

Non-toxic skincare is vital for long-term health, beauty, and radiance. That is why the products used are powered by plant-based ingredients so effective they eliminate the need for harmful synthetic ingredients entirely. 

Ocean-based Organic Skin Care at Ritual

OSEA Malibu & Code of Harmony

"The Ocean has always been such a healing source and I wanted to bring that healing into my facial treatments."

Candice, owner of Ritual

Non-toxic Green Beauty

Ritual loves that OSEA embodies the core elements of wellness: Ocean. Sun. Earth. Atmosphere. It is important to mindfully incorporate all of the elements into the our daily rituals.

OSEA was founded 20 years ago with the intention of creating a skincare line free of toxic, synthetic ingredients. OSEA delivers proven results without causing harm to our health or the health of our environment. The innovative formulations of certified organic, bioavailable seaweed, infused with pure steam-distilled and cold pressed essential oils create powerful anti-aging solutions and reduce the appearance of blemishes–eliminating the need for toxic synthetic ingredients entirely. OSEA is free of synthetic chemicals such as parabens, petrochemicals, and sulfates.

CODE of HARMONY is Ritual's green product line featuring plant botanicals, essential oils, herbs, flowers, fruits and nature's medicine. Purely sourced and infused with tons of love, Ritual is proud to support and carry local business owner Janet Schriever's hand-crafted line, from Long Beach, CA. Janet's products are made right out of her studio where she also offers holistic facial treatments. She is passionate about what she does and it shows clearly in her high quality elixirs and balms. We absolutely love CoH and know that you will too!

When you receive a treatment at Ritual, you can expect your rituals to include products from both OSEA and Code of Harmony. They compliment each other so beautifully, we know you will fall in love as deeply as well have with both of these lines.


It’s a skin superfood.

Seaweed is one of the world’s most naturally abundant sources of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and essential fatty acids: elements that help restore depleted skin.

It’s easily-absorbed for maximum results.

Seaweed is a bioavailable source of nutrients, meaning: its nutrient-rich compounds are easy for your body to absorb. Greater absorption of nutrients means better results for your skin!

It’s effective for every skin type.

Because of its rich composition, seaweed effectively targets multiple skin concerns and works for any skin type. It hydrates, balances oils, minimizes blemishes, and reduces the appearance of redness.

It visibly reduces & actively protects against signs of aging.

Seaweed is made up of a natural polysaccharide that visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, promotes youthful plumpness and protects skin from future damage.