Ritual turns the mundane into magic.

Discover a wild kind of beautiful for your skin and your soul.


Namaste Goddesses!

Welcome to Ritual Skin & Soul,  a sacred space for you, the enlightened beauty, to indulge in self-love and self-care so that you may remember, re-awaken and re-connect to the whispers of your most Authentic Self through ancient and modern rituals that honor both our planet and all of its life, as well as bring healing and rejuvenation to the skin, mind and soul. Here, a facial is an intimate sensory experience. A way to pamper and nourish the Goddess within you, an way to unwind and temporarily disconnect from the demands of everyday life.

To encourage regular visits to Ritual for your skin's optimal health, we are now offering Spa Memberships so that you can put self-love at the top of your priority list, not because you're selfish, but because you are wise and you know that when you fill up your tank you can show up for your loved ones as the very best version of yourself. When you give to yourself, you give so much to others as well. No longer is self-care a luxury, it's an absolutely necessary part of taking care of our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellness. 

I am so glad that you are here. Take a look at some of the offerings and see if anything calls to your heart.

"Ritual is the simplest and biggest way you can honor your Self and enhance your well-being. It's the difference between rushing through a bath or shower, or consciously connecting with your body; between hastily splashing on body oil and taking the time to indulge your senses and anoint yourself; between speeding through your bedtime routine and savoring it with gratitude. Mindfulness and intention are the first step in turning a routine into a ritual."

"Whole Beauty" - Shiva Rose