A Ritual is a routine infused with intention, mindfulness and self-love.

Discover a wild kind of beautiful for your skin and your soul.


Welcome to Ritual Skin & Soul,  a sacred space for you to indulge in self-love so that you may remember, reawaken and reconnect to the truth of yourself in a way like you never have before. At Ritual, we use ancient and modern rituals and practices that bring healing and rejuvenation to the body and the soul. Here, we believe that facials are a luxurious and beautiful way to pamper and nourish ourselves, to learn how to become more in tune with our body and all of our senses, and that anyone who has skin is a good candidate for receiving a holistic skin therapies or Ritual's mystical healing therapies. There is something here for everyone:

For the Skin

the largest organ of our body

  • Organic + vegan facials to purify, renew & tone the skin
  • Facial Reflexology massage to relieve tension &stress
  • Facial Gua Sha for the Natural Face Lift & lymph detox
  • Jade Rolling for depuffing and maximum absorption of serums & oils
  • Ultra Sonic for removal of blackheadsand dead skin
  • High Frequency & LED Light Therapy for oxygenating, lifting and toning
  • Ocean-based products made with LOVE
For the Soul
  • Spiritual Healing Sessions for deep soul transformation
  • Hypnosis for Inner Child + Shadow Work
  • Womb Healing & V Steam
  • Holistic, Mindfulness + Self-Awareness Coaching
  • Spiritual Mentoring to deepening relationship to the Self + intuition
Soul Sessions can be requested to be held at the beach.
All Skin & Soul Rituals can be mixed and matched Schedule a free consultation to be guided towards your ultimate ritual package

"Ritual is the simplest and biggest way you can honor your Self and enhance your well-being. It's the difference between rushing through a bath or shower, or consciously connecting with your body; between hastily splashing on body oil and taking the time to indulge your senses and anoint yourself; between speeding through your bedtime routine and savoring it with gratitude. Mindfulness and intention are the first step in turning a routine into a ritual."

"Whole Beauty" - Shiva Rose

SpiRitual Facials + Organic + Vegan + Vibrational Treatments + Face Massage + Gua Gha + Facial Cupping + V-Steam + Chakra Cleanse + SpiRitual Healing + Hypnosis 

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